‘Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.’ 

Passing on my passion for crafts and helping people to access their own creativity is what drives my teaching. Encouraging people to not just copy, but to allow themselves to find new and ultimately their own ways of making things, is such a joy.

I’d like to invite you, your family, friends and colleagues to join me at my workshops, which are available for all skill levels.

Paper Cut Quilting

Where: Artisan, 45 King Street and Machinery Lane,
Bowen Hills, QLD 4006

When: 26. October 2019, 10:30am, 4.5 hours (incl break)


Paper cut quilting is a contemporary quilting technique developed by Martina Latimer, that is decorative and can be adapted to a variety of different creative and practical uses. Martina will introduce you to this technique and help you create a truly personal textile design. During this workshop you will make a piece of textile art using paper cutting and patchwork techniques. Start with a photo of a place, people or memory that you want to cherish and take your inspiration from there.

You will learn to work with colours and its grading by using basic patchwork and sewing techniques. Martina will give you the skills but she will also encourage you to work independently when it comes to colour choices and design decisions. This workshop is ideal for people who are open to new ideas and who want to work artistically with fabrics.

If you want to build on your sewing skills and are keen to allow yourself to explore and play with different ideas, this workshop is for you!

For more details visit:

How much: $ 125


Bojagi Hand Sewing Workshop

Where: Mulberry & Flax, Newcastle

When: 14.September, 10:30 am – 1:00pm 

What: You will learn the traditional South Korean patchwork technique, called Bojagi. During the 2.5hours hand sewing workshop you’ll learn the sewing technique as well as how to patch different sizes of fabrics and colours together to make a harmoniouse piece. You will not learn from a pattern but Martina will teach you how to create your own. She will show you how to draw a pattern and then add the right measurements to it so that you will be able to make your own at any given time.

How much: $ 80 incl pattern and material


Cathedral Window Pattern

Where: The Silk Shed, Quinn Park, Toowong, QLD 4066

When: 21.Sept., 09:00am – 11:30am 

What: One of the oldest and most beautiful patterns in patchwork. The cathedral window is a delicate and timeless design.
You will learn the pattern making from scratch in three sessions. 
Bring your sewing machine and materials you’d like to work with. The first session will be dedicated to work with test material which will be provided.
Message me for more details or book by clicking on the link. 

How much: $ 65 incl pattern


Quilting for beginners – course (12.5 hrs)

Where: The Silk Shed, Quinn Park, Toowong, QLD 4066

When: 12th October, 9:00-11:30am; the following 4 dates will be planned during the first class with all students.

You will learn:
★ Choosing fabrics and matching colours and prints
★ Cutting fabrics
★ Sewing at ¼” seam allowance
★ Matching seams
★ Pressing a quilt top
★ Basting and binding a quilt
★ Quilting methods

The first lesson is dedicated to learn the patchwork technique, testing materials will be provided during this class. You will be asked to bring your own materials in lesson #2, the fabric requirements will be defined during the first session. You can choose of three beginner friendly patterns.
Cutting tools are available.

NOTE: Please bring your sewing machine.

How much: $ 65/class (2.5 hrs) or upfront $300 for the whole course. 


Foundation Paper Piecing with ‘JOY’

Where: Details up soon

When: tbc soon

What: tbc soon 

How much: tbc soon


Where: Details up soon

When: tbc soon

What: tbc soon 

How much: tbc soon

You have been fantastic, I have learnt sooo much. Janette Bess


Your expertise has been great, thank you for a very enjoyable 15 weeks. Joy O' Connor


Thank you for being such an inspirational teacher. Annie Harvey


Thank you for getting me enthusiastic for patchwork again. Lesley Z.eibecakis