You might wonder how this cooperation with Art Gallery Fabrics came to be? I had my pattern ready and love Art Gallery Fabrics work and their designers. One day I dared to ask the question and now here I am promoting my new pattern ‘JOY’ together with this wonderful company. Sounds too easy? Yes there is a lot of work behind the scenes to get there. Can you remember the interview I gave Creative Digest back in London? Have a read again and you’ll know what I mean.


Designing and writing a new quilt pattern takes quite a while. Helpful pattern testers play an important role in this process and I am very thankful that experienced quilters were willing to invest their time and money into testing my new pattern. I made a call for pattern testers on Instagram. Tested by See Wah in Singapore, by Irina in London, by Liz in Canada and by Tamara in Melbourne, ‘JOY’ has already travelled around the globe. As you can imagine, being a traveller by heart, this makes me especially proud.

Ladies, I want to say a big THANK YOU for testing ‘JOY’ and I hope you will share your beauties on Instagram soon.

Now, what about that 20% launch discount and how can I get it? 

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