My new quilt pattern ‘JOY’  is now available to buy in my shop and I feel honoured and grateful collaborating with Art Gallery Fabrics on this pattern.


Isn’t this fantastic news, was it worth the wait? I know, I made it quite a long wait. And trust me, it was sooooo difficult for me to not shout it out loud. But now it is time and I will tell you all about it in two blog posts..


First you will read what inspired me to make this quilt and in my second blog post I will share a bit about the day when Art Gallery Fabrics agreed to work with me and what you will need to do to get the 20% launch discount for the pattern ‘JOY’.

When I design quilts and turn them into patterns I tell stories about myself.

JOY is the story about my move from London to Brisbane together with my husband and my 4 year old son. Moving comes always with a lot of work, uncertainty and big emotions. And so was our move. We had obstacles to overcome to get where we are now. Life is constant change, we get challenges thrown at us all the time and I am a strong believer that taking on the difficult times rather than avoiding them leads to a fulfilled life and helps changing the perspective when needed.

During my first months in Brisbane I had to think a lot about my childhood, friends and my family back in Europe, it changed my perspective on many levels. My childhood passion for sketching shapes and my love for geometry came into my mind and only then I realised that what I did back then helps me with my work today. Who would have thought?!  New design ideas usually come at night when I am in bed and that’s how JOY started as well. I had triangles in mind, incorporated into each other. I sketched it, played with the shape a bit and then changed the perspective and the pattern was born as it is now. The pattern has a flow which gets interrupted through different shapes and fabrics, a reflection on my travel through life. April Rhodes fabric collection Bound was the perfect match for this design, the colour palette is so earthy and yet sparkles. I believe that being grounded is an important life skill to have.

The name JOY comes from my time in London. I taught contemporary quilting at a College and Joy was one of my students. She always protested a bit when it came to trying out new things but she took these challenges on in a happy and joyful manner at the same time.

In my next blog post you will also hear about the lovely pattern testers, who helped make this pattern come true.

The quilt pattern ‘JOY’ will be available to buy in my shop as of 1st November and it will also be available in German as of 1st December.

More in a few days…

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